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As industry leaders in web marketing and business management for the bouncy castle and party service hire industry, we provide a once stop solution for your entertainment hire business.

You may notice our website graphics first, but award winning web design is only the surface of what we can offer you as a business owner, regardless of the scale you operate on.

Our product has been developed over the last 10 years to become the ultimate tool for bouncy castle hirers, as well as a variety of other business types, from hot tub rental companies to major corporate event hire groups. Our tried and tested websites and bouncy castle booking systems are the ultimate e-commerce solution for your inflatable businesses needs, and with over one million bookings having gone through our system, we know our product works.

Innovation is integral to our ethos, both in development and for our users. This is why we’ve made our system as intuitive and user friendly as possible whilst allowing you to have complete control over what you want on your bouncy castle website. This allows you to promote, market and manage your business yourself, as you, the owner, knows your business best!

With years of experience in the industry, we know the difficulties of trying to manage a hire business in the conventional way, which is why we built a system to do it for you. From taking a booking, to post event customer care, our system has got it covered, allowing you to focus on growth and development while your bouncy castle booking system takes care if the rest.

Each business has its own requirements and individuality, which is why we have a variety of different packages available that use our sophisticated and flexible business management platform. Whether you need a basic web presence for your bouncy castle business so that your customers can find and contact you, or you have hundreds of products with changeable themes for your customers to book online, our system will work for you.

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Our programmers are highly skilled experts in their own fields. Each website is hand-coded, with no pre-existing template being used. This means that your website uses the latest innovations and the newest technology, making it a highly tuned efficient tool that is built for purpose. This helps to get you to rank in Google and makes your website better to use!


We have a committed support team with a wealth and variety of experience, from SEO expertise to great customer service. The support team are only a call or an email away, so if there’s anything you’d like to discuss with us, from technical advise to marketing, we’re happy to hear from you.

Business marketing

Use our systems powerful marketing capabilities to expand your reach.

Booking systems

Never lose out on a booking again as your customers book your products online and receive notification by email.


As industry leaders, we’re constantly developing our booking system’s capabilities to make sure stay ahead in your industry.


From your design to the build, we take personal care to make sure your website is made to the highest possible standards.

World wide customers

With over one million bookings having been made through our system, our worldwide customers trust our system to make their business work.

Find the right solution for your business

Our sophisticated system has been adapted to work for thousands of hire businesses with their own individual business models. Take an unparalleled level of control in management with our business solution.

About Us

Our dedicated team have a diverse set of skills at your disposal, ranging from programming to customer services and marketing expertise, and with over ten years of experience in the bouncy castle hire industry at the helm.

Our web designers have set a visual standard for websites in the industry that others can only aspire to. With years of graphic design experience, we have the ability to design stunning stock sites, or tailor bespoke creations that will make a real impression for your business.


A new type of business

Growth and development

Use our system’s resources to develop your inflatable business while it takes care of your day-to-day management. Never miss out on a booking again.

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Start a bouncy castle business on the internet - the world’s leading market place. Take control over your presence and allow customers to find you.

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The means to succeed

Our package comes with much more than a website. Our extensive range of marketing tools on our bouncy castle booking system give you the means to make your website a success and broaden your customer base.

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A lot has changed since we started developing our bouncy castle websites and booking systems ten years ago. To stay ahead, we’re constantly looking for new ways to evolve what we have and make the most of technological advances. We want you and your business to be a part of the journey.

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Our packages accommodate a variety of requirements that reflect the diversity of our customers’ businesses, whether you want a basic web presence for your company, or a bouncy castle booking system that can deal with thousands of bookings, store information and take payments through automated procedures.

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Take Control

Make your bouncy castle website the backbone of your business. Use our stunning visuals as the face of your business and create a sleek new customer experience that instils confidence in you as a professional.

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